Free Flite Ableaim Absolut of Cali

Date of Birth:    October 12, 2009


Amos shared a wonderful 2 years with us
and was a special part of our family. 
We are proud of his accomplishments
and are thankful for the time we had with him.    
However, in the Spring of 2012,
Amos had the opportunity to move to Atlanta, GA
with a wonderful new family. 
He now has an older whippet sister, Fiona, and 2 loving "parents"! 
He is enjoying long runs, playing ball in the yard
and most importantly lots of special attention.
We miss our "Little Man", but are so happy that 
he has found his Forever Home!

Sire: DC Ableaim Olympic Reign, SC
Dam: DC Ableaim Keepsake of Free Flite, SC FCh  

Bred by: Donna Bost and Gail and Jenny Boyd
Owners:  Earnest and Mary Pick (Georgia)
Amos - Christmas 2011


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go to Amos' own Blog page

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* Amos's Pedigree


O    BAER: WP-BR418/3M-PI - (Normal)
o   Thyroid Study:  Normal
o   Amos is Neutered and thus further health testing was not done officially through OFA