Cali's Legally Blonde

Date of Birth:     August 22, 2011
Tegan (Cali's Legally Blonde) on 1/4/12
Anchor (10 weeks old)
Morgan/Chevy Puppies at 6.5 weeks old

Tegan is spayed and now lives with Connie Cassidy
in Mighigan and is living the spoiled life!!!!
Tegan - Cali's Legally Blonde

Sire: CH Ableaim Driving Force SC (Chevy)
Dam: GCH DC Ableaim Morgan Le Fay MC RN CGC (Morgan)

Bred by: Deana McNamer (Cali Whippets)
Owned by: Connie Cassidy

Tegan at the 2012 AWC National Specialty in Huron, OH - about 8 months old

Tegan at 8 months old