Spirit/Tobias 8 weeks

There are 2 sets of stacked photos taken a few days apart....... one set was taken by me alone, the other I had help with Mike...  for some I kept both, others I picked one if it was a lot better.
The Boys:

Seven (Now "Hendrix" - Cali's Red House On Hound Hill) - Staying at Cali
Seven - 8 weeksSeven

"Lefty" (Cali Hound Hill Red Lantern)
            - owned by Cora Miller (Hound Hill)

No Boots (Now "Max" - TNT's Red Son Rising O'Cali) 
                - owned by Donna and Larry Richards (TNT)
No BootsNo Boots

Righty" - (Cali's Right On Red For Hound Hill) 
             - Owned by Cora Miller (Houind Hill)
Righty - 8 weeks

The Girls:
Spot Neck (Now "Elsa" - Cali's Red Clay Halo) - Staying at Cali
Spot NeckSpot Neck
Spot Neck - 8 weeks
Spot Head (Now "Fox" - Cali Spirit of Red Vixen At Crossfyre) 
                            - owned by Liz Campbell (Crossfyre - UTAH)  
                                Co-owned by Deana McNamer (Cali)
Spot Head
Spot Head
Party Girl (Now "Coda" - Cali N TNT's Red Zeppelin v Nitro) 
            - Owned by Robin Horner (Nitro) and Donna Richards (TNT)
Party Girl
Party Girl