Latest Exciting News

New Field Champion and CWA ARX CHAMPION!!
FC Cali's Boondocks SC ARX PR

FC Cali's Brave General SC 

Our Herkules/Moon Litter has arrived!
5 Handsome boys were born on JUne 16th, 2019
2 days old

Herkules Earns his Dual Championship Title
finishing his Bench championship in style with a 3rd Major on June 15th, 2019
Huge thanks to Laura Kieffer for handling Herk for these wins.

One exciting weekend...... TWO NEW TITLES!!!


We couldn't Help Ourselves!
Introducing our 2 Tomatoes from the Elsa/Revel Litter:
Leonidas and Katana

New - East Coast - Litter!!!!
Our Fifth Litter has arrived on 7/8/2018
Thank you to Elsa and Revel for 7  wonderful and healthy puppies!
4 beautiful Girls and 3 handsome boys!

New - West Coast - Litter!!!!

We are excited to announce that Fox Just had 7 beautiful puppies 
1 Boy and 6 Girls

out of Handsome Tristan:
(US CH, Can GCH, Int Ch, TDCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountian DPC, TRP, PR, RN, TKP, TD-ROM, RATM, RATI, MSDC, SGDC, AgNJS, NJP, TN-N, IAC, SD-A, SDS-N, CGC)

Born April 28th, 2018!
I am excited to be Co-Breeder on this litter with both Liz and Laura Baratta
The puppies are out in UTAH and are All Spoken for......... 

Our newest Champion - Ronan!!!

ELSA WINS THE 2017 AKC National Lure Coursing Championships!!!!!


Introducing "BLUR"
Our keeper from the Blondie/Righty Litter

Our FORTH Litter has arrived on 6/19/2017
Thank you to Blondie and Righty for 6  wonderful and healthy puppies!
4 beautiful Girls and 2 handsome boys!

Ronan Finishes His CWA Racing Championship Title!!
Cali's Ronan The Red of Saturn ARX SC CGC

Moon Finishes her CWA RAcing Championship title!!!   
FC Cali's HH Serious Moonlight ARX SC

Introducing Herkules!!!

Elsa Finishes the 2015 AKC Lure Coursing Year as #1 !!!!

New ASFA LCM (Lure Courser of Merit)!
BIF DC Cali's Right On Red For Hound Hill SC FCh
Owned by Cora Miller
Righty 3 yo

New AKC Field Champion & Dual Champion
BIF DC Cali's Right On Red For Hound Hill SC FCh
Owned by Cora Miller

New AKC Field Champion for Moon !!!!
-  at just 17 months old

new LCX2 Title for Elsa
at just under 3 yo, Elsa earned her AKC LCX2 title 
She is now officially (FC Cali's Red Clay Halo LCX2 MC FCh)
Elsa - 2.5 yo

New ASFA Field Championship title 

NEW LCX Title for Elsa
at just 2.5 yo, Elsa earned her AKC LCX title 
She is now officially (FC Cali's Red Clay Halo LCX SC FCh)

Two More Champions for Cali Whippets!!!

Elsa Finishes the 2014 AKC Lure Coursing Year as #1 !!!!
Elsa 1    Elsa 2

Another new champion for Cali!!!
Fox is now an AKC Field Champion!!!

A Big congrats to Fox and Liz - we are so proud and excited for you both!!!
Fox is our 4th Spirit/Tobias littermate to finish 
a field championship title 
and we can't be more please with this litter!!!

Our newest additions to Cali Whippets!!!
we are super excited about these new puppies out of Spirit and Raleigh! 
We look forward to some fun years ahead! 

Two New Field CHampions for Cali!
We are excited to announce the both Righty and Max have finished their field championship titles in Sept. 2014!!

Righty finished his ASFA field championship title and is now:
CH Cali's Right on Red for Hound Hill FCH

and Max finished his AKC field championship title and is now: 
BIF FC TNTs Red Son Rising O'Cali SC

New Bench Champion
We are proud to announce that "Righty" is now
CH Cali's Right on Red for Hound Hill
Righty Cali's Right on Red for Hound Hill

Righty is owned by and lives with Cora Miller
A big congrats to them both!

Our THIRD Litter has arrived on 7/7/2014
Thank you to Spirit for 6  wonderful and healthy puppies!
3 beautiful Girls and 3 handsome boys

Galaxy at 7 days old She was a wiggle worm on Day 4, so I redid her pic.

Check us out at: Litter #3  

ELSA is a New Field Champion!!

Fox is a New UKC Champion! 
A big Congrats to Liz Campbell and Fox!

Introducing our 2 lastest additions!
We are very excited about these two youngsters out of Spirit and Tobias!
Watch for them in the future

Our SECOND Litter Arrived 12/4/2012
Thank you SPIRIT for 7 beautiful puppies! 
4 Handsome Boys and 3 Beautiful Girls!

Spot Head - girl
Check us out - Litter 2

Blondie is a New Field Champion!!

Morgan is a New Grand Champion!!

New Grand Champion "Morgan" - 5/13/12

2012 AWC National Specialty

Both Dylan and Henry Place in their class at their first National!

2012 National Specialty


Another NEW FIELD CHAMPION for 2011!
Amos finishes his Field Championship on October 23, 2011!

Mystic finishes her Field Championship on September 3, 2011!

Congratulations Mike!

Our FIRST Litter Arrived 8/22/2011! 
Thank you Morgan for 5 beautiful puppies! 
1 Handsome Boy and 4 Beautiful Girls!

Spirit earns her Dual Championship Title
and she finished in "style" with a Third Major win on June 9th, 2011.

Special "Thanks" go
to Phoebe Booth for handling Spirit in the ring
and for taking such great care of her!

This is Spirit's second Major win under breeder judge Barbara Rupert
at an AWC supported entry show - she went WB and BOW!

Morgan Earns her Rally Novice Title at the 2011 AWC National Specialty

Amos and Mystic Place in Lure Coursing!
Congratulations to all!

Spirit goes Best in Event at the 2010 AKC NLCC!!
(National Lure Coursing Championships)

NFC FC Cali N TNTs Spirit of the Wild of Nitro LCX4 MC FCh

New Dual Champion for 2010! 
(Morgan earnded her bench championship in March of 2010 and her Field Championship in May of 2010)

at 2010 AWC National Specialty in Tucson, AZ