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MBIF NFC FC Cali's Red Clay Halo MC LCX3 FCh ROMX* 

*Pending AWC approval


Date of Birth:    December 4, 2012

SIRE: GCh DC Hound Hill Tobias MC FCh


Dam: NFC DC Cali N TNTs Spirit of the Wild of Nitro LCX6 MC FCh ROM (Spirit)


Bred by: Deana McNamer, Donna Richards and Cora Miller 





Link to Elsa's Pedigree

Link to Elsa's Photo Album

Link to Elsa/Revelstoke Puppies Photos

Link to Elsa/Bowie Puppies Photos





Elsa had Puppies July 2018 out of Revelstoke, follow the link above to see all about them.  Elsa had a second litter in Feb. 2022 out of Bowie. 

Elsa was spayed after her second litter - Summer of 2022.


Here are her Champion Kids:

BIF FC Cali's Brave General MC LCX PR TRP FCh (Leo)

FC Cali's Boondocks ARX PR SC DJ DS (Ruger)

CH Cali's Northern Lights SC ARX DPCX TRP PR DJ(Aubrey)

FC Cali's Katana MC (Katana)

CH UKC-SGCH Cali's Razzle Dazzle at Wylie TRP PR TKN (Raz)

CH Cali's Houndhill Fireworks (Sparky)

CH Cali's Silver Jet at Clarwick FCh SC DCAT DJ (Jet)

FC Cali's Highway Girl SC (Greer)




* BAER:   WP-BR707/3F-VPI  (Normal)

* CERF:  WP-EYE197/10F-VPI (Normal) - 2017

* OFA Heart:  WP-CA1346/28F/C-VPI  (Normal-        Cardiologist) - 2017

* AKC DNA # V962232

* CHIC#  125771



Jan. 18/19 - Elsa participates in her first Lure Coursing Trial!  -  ASFA

            Sat. - 4th place out of 19 Open Whippets

            Sun. - 2nd place out of 17 Open Whippets   -  for a total of 40pts towards her ASFA Field Championship title.

Feb. 22 - Elsa goes BOB out of 20 whippets for a 5pt major her first time entered in an AKC trial!    

March 15 - Elsa goes BOB Defeating 34 Whippets for her second 5pt. Major at her second AKC tiral!   

March 29 and 30th - Elsa wins her Open Stake at the 2014 ASFA II in Ocala, FL!  She picked up 60 pts towards her ASFA field championship title

     this weekend!


May 17 - ELSA wins her 3rd BOB defeating 26 whppets for another 5pt Major and earns her AKC Field Championship in just 5 AKC trials!!!! SO

       SO very proud!  

Sept 28 - after a long summer off due to a foot injury/surgery, Elsa makes her debute weekend Placing in the top 5 the first day and going

       BOB on Sunday!!!  

Oct 11 - Another BOB for Elsa!!! This girl has 5 BOBs in just 9 AKC trials!!!  WOW we are proud!!

Nov 22 - Elsa goes BOB today!  6 AKC BOB wins in 13 AKC trials now!  Once again we are so Proud!!!

Nov 29 - 3 days of coursing over the ThanksGiving day weekend!  after placing in the top 5 of 18 whippets the first 2 days, Elsa finishes the

       long weeked with another BOB!!!  wow!

Dec  14 - another great weekend and another BOB for Elsa !!!    so so very proud!!!!

Dec  28 - To finish off the year, Elsa goes BOB, her 9th out 20 trials this year!!!


Elsa finishes the 2014 year as the #1 Whippet and #1 Sighthound in AKC Lure Coursing!!!!   

Congrats to this special red girl!   We are so proud!!!



March 22 - Our First AKC trial of the year, SHOT - Williamsburg, VA,    Elsa goes BOB under Judge Ian Davies for a 5 pt major - defeating 21 dogs!   

April - Elsa finishes her ASFA Field Championship Title at our 2015 AWC Nationals!!!!  

May 16 - Elsa Won a large Specials stake and earned her AKC LCX title! 

May 17 - Elsa goes BOB Today! Defeating 30 whippets!

May 24 - Elsa goes BOB for a 3 pt. major!

June 6 and 7 - Elsa goes Back-to -Back, BOB's in a field of 29/30 whippets!  WOW! So proud of her!

Aug 15th - Elsa goes BOB for a 5pt major after a nice summer off!

Oct 17th - Elsa goes BOB for a 5pt major in the Sunshine state of Florida 

Nov 22nd - Elsa goes BOB for a 5 pt major and earns her LCX2 Title!!!!!!

Nov 27-28th - Elsa goes back to back BOB wins for two 5 pt Majors!   What a weekend!!!!!!  


Elsa ends the 2015 year as the #1 whippet and #1 sighthound in AKC lure coursing for a second year in a row!!!!!!



Dec. 2-3  - Limestone, TN -- AKC NLCC --- Elsa goes BEST IN EVENT and earns the title of National Lure Coursing Champion (NFC) - Beyond Proud!!!



Oct 6 - Elsa goes BOB and BIF for a 5 point Major at the GOGLCA meet in Florida to earn her LCX3 title!!

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