MBIF NFC FC Cali's Red Clay Halo MC LCX3 FCh


Date of Birth:    December 4, 2012

SIRE: GCh DC Hound Hill Tobias MC FCh


Dam: NFC DC Cali N TNTs Spirit of the Wild of Nitro LCX6 MC FCh ROM (Spirit)


Bred by: Deana McNamer, Donna Richards and Cora Miller 





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Link to Elsa/Revelstoke Puppies Photos

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Elsa had Puppies July 2018 out of Revelstoke, follow the link above to see all about them.  Elsa had a second litter in 2022 out of Bowie. 


Here are her Champion Kids:

BIF FC Cali's Brave General SC LCX (Leonidas)

FC Cali's Boondocks ARX PR SC (Ruger)

Cali's Northern Lights SC ARX (Aubrey)

FC Cali's Katana SC (Katana)




* BAER:   WP-BR707/3F-VPI  (Normal)

* CERF:  WP-EYE197/10F-VPI (Normal) - 2017

* OFA Heart:  WP-CA1346/28F/C-VPI  (Normal-        Cardiologist) - 2017

* CHIC#  125771



Jan. 18/19 - Elsa participates in her first Lure Coursing Trial!  -  ASFA

            Sat. - 4th place out of 19 Open Whippets

            Sun. - 2nd place out of 17 Open Whippets   -  for a total of 40pts towards her ASFA Field Championship title.

Feb. 22 - Elsa goes BOB out of 20 whippets for a 5pt major her first time entered in an AKC trial!    

March 15 - Elsa goes BOB Defeating 34 Whippets for her second 5pt. Major at her second AKC tiral!   

March 29 and 30th - Elsa wins her Open Stake at the 2014 ASFA II in Ocala, FL!  She picked up 60 pts towards her ASFA field championship title

     this weekend!


May 17 - ELSA wins her 3rd BOB defeating 26 whppets for another 5pt Major and earns her AKC Field Championship in just 5 AKC trials!!!! SO

       SO very proud!  

Sept 28 - after a long summer off due to a foot injury/surgery, Elsa makes her debute weekend Placing in the top 5 the first day and going

       BOB on Sunday!!!  

Oct 11 - Another BOB for Elsa!!! This girl has 5 BOBs in just 9 AKC trials!!!  WOW we are proud!!

Nov 22 - Elsa goes BOB today!  6 AKC BOB wins in 13 AKC trials now!  Once again we are so Proud!!!

Nov 29 - 3 days of coursing over the ThanksGiving day weekend!  after placing in the top 5 of 18 whippets the first 2 days, Elsa finishes the

       long weeked with another BOB!!!  wow!

Dec  14 - another great weekend and another BOB for Elsa !!!    so so very proud!!!!

Dec  28 - To finish off the year, Elsa goes BOB, her 9th out 20 trials this year!!!


Elsa finishes the 2014 year as the #1 Whippet and #1 Sighthound in AKC Lure Coursing!!!!   

Congrats to this special red girl!   We are so proud!!!



March 22 - Our First AKC trial of the year, SHOT - Williamsburg, VA,    Elsa goes BOB under Judge Ian Davies for a 5 pt major - defeating 21 dogs!   

April - Elsa finishes her ASFA Field Championship Title at our 2015 AWC Nationals!!!!  

May 16 - Elsa Won a large Specials stake and earned her AKC LCX title! 

May 17 - Elsa goes BOB Today! Defeating 30 whippets!

May 24 - Elsa goes BOB for a 3 pt. major!

June 6 and 7 - Elsa goes Back-to -Back, BOB's in a field of 29/30 whippets!  WOW! So proud of her!

Aug 15th - Elsa goes BOB for a 5pt major after a nice summer off!

Oct 17th - Elsa goes BOB for a 5pt major in the Sunshine state of Florida 

Nov 22nd - Elsa goes BOB for a 5 pt major and earns her LCX2 Title!!!!!!

Nov 27-28th - Elsa goes back to back BOB wins for two 5 pt Majors!   What a weekend!!!!!!  


Elsa ends the 2015 year as the #1 whippet and #1 sighthound in AKC lure coursing for a second year in a row!!!!!!



Dec. 2-3  - Limestone, TN -- AKC NLCC --- Elsa goes BEST IN EVENT and earns the title of National Lure Coursing Champion (NFC) - Beyond Proud!!!



Oct 6 - Elsa goes BOB and BIF for a 5 point Major at the GOGLCA meet in Florida to earn her LCX3 title!!