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FC Cali's Katana​ MC

Date of Birth:    July 8, 2018

Katana 2yo.jpg
_MG_8716 copy.jpg

SIRE:  DC Oxford's Revelstoke at Steamboat Rock SC ARX DPCX TRP PR4 

Dam:   MBIF NFC FC Cali's Red Clay Halo LCX3 MC FCh  (ELSA)


Bred by:  Deana McNamer 






Kat's Pedigree

Kat's  Photo Album




o   BAER:  (Normal)

o   CERF:  not done yet

o   OFA-Cardiac:  not done yet

Katana was spayed at 4.5 yo.

GOGLCA-SEP2020a (231 of 831).jpg
GOGLCA-SEP2020a (228 of 831).jpg




Jan 31 - The same weekend she earned her Senior Courser title, Katana earns her First Major in AKC Lure Coursing - 3 pts.  

May 22 - Kat earns another 3 points towards her AKC FC placing 2nd out of 15 whippets! 

June 13 - Kat, after tying for 1st place, ended up second and picked up another 2 FC points!   Up to 8 points now and over half way there.

Sept. 5 - Kat picks up 3 points going 2nd in a stake of 16 open whippets! 

Sept. 11 - Kat picks up another 3 points going 2nd in another large open stake of 20 whippets!   So Close once again!!!!  14 points now - just needs a point and a major win! 

Oct. 29-30th - 2021 AKC NLCC - Kat Placed Both Days of our National Event - she tied for 3rd place on Friday and forfeited as she didn't need the points taking 4th place, and then placed 3rd the second day!   

Nov. 14th - Katana goes 1st out of 15 open dogs for both a 5 point Major and the finishing win to her AKC Field Championship title at the CHAMP trial in Leesburg, VA.

Nov 21st - Kat goes first in the Specials stake at the SHOT AKC trial in Dendron, VA to earn her first LCX points.


April 3 - Kat goes 3rd in large Specials stake at the 2022 AWC National LC trial for 2 LCX pts.

June 11 - Kat goes BOB over 21 whippets at the CAHA AKC trial in Limestone, TN!!!    This is her first BOB win :) 

Aug 20 - Kat goes BOB over  28 whippets at the CHAMP AKC trial in Leesburg, VA.  

Aug 21 - Kat goes 1st in the Specials Stake at the CHAMP AKC trial in Leesburg, VA. 

Sept 3 - Kat goes BOB over 28 whippets at the GASM AKC trial in Limestone, TN. 

KATANA finishes the 2022 year as the #2 whippet in AKC Lure Coursing!   This is Kat's second year ranked in the top 5!!!  

Prelim Open 3 W Katana-Aerie-Clark -0564-ZF-1682-45548-1-001-002.jpg
Katana coursing_edited-1.jpg
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