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GCH Cali's Ronan the Red of Saturn MC ARX DPCX  TRP PR4 RN TKN ACT1 FCh CGC

Date of Birth:    July 7, 2014

042217-3129a (1).jpg
CH Finishing Photo1.jpg

SIRE: BIF HH Heartland Raleigh Rye FCh LCM


DAM:  NFC DC Cali N TNTs Spirit of the Wild of Nitro LCX6 MC FCh ROM (Spirit)


Bred By: Deana McNamer, Robin Barry and Donna Richards

Owned By: Mary and Ernest Pick

Co-Owned By:  Deana McNamer (Cali)







Ronan's Photo Album

Ronan's Pedigree




* BAER:   WP-BR1253/33M-VPI (Normal)

* CERF:   WP-EYE1009/33M-PI (Normal)

* OFA Heart:  Normal - # Pending




December 5th - Ronan goes WD/BOW for a 3 pt. major under judge James Edwards in Winston-Salem, NC!!!!



Sept. 4-5th - Ronan earns his first AKC Lure Coursing Points - 1 point on Sept 4th for a second place to a 3pt major and 2 pt for a FIRST on Sept 5th - for 3 points total for the weekend!



Feb 18/19th - Dendron, VA - MAWRA CWA Meet --- Ronan earns a total of 9 ARX points in CWA racing, then on Sunday goes on to place 3rd in the match for a High Combined Award to top off a great weekend in Dendron, VA!


April 2nd -  Hull, GA - GRR CWA Meet - Ronan earns another 5 ARX :

in CWA racing for a total of 14.333 points.     


April 19th - Denver, CO - 2017 AWC National Specialty - Ronan wins his class taking home the blue ribbon 


May 13th - Ronan earns the last point needed to earn his ARX - he is now a CWA Race Champion!!!!


July 9th - Ronan goes WD/BOW for 2 pts. in Maryland



Jan 7th - Ronan goes WD for his second Major and another 3 points

Jan 27th -  Ronan goes Best Of Breed for another point towards his Championship title!!!  

Feb 18th - Ronan Finishes his Bench Championship going WD on Sat. followed by WD/BOW the following day!!!  

042217-3129 (1).jpg
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