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In Residence

Retired Champions

Elsa - MBIF NFC FC Cali's Red Clay Halo LCX3 MC FCh ROMX - Litter #2

Moon - FC Cali's HH Serious Moonlight LCX2 ARX MC PR3 TRP FCH - Litter #3

Herkules - DC Surrey Hill Mariner Pursuit of Hoppiness MC PR TRP DPC


Active Champions

Leonidas - BIF FC Cali's Brave General MC LCX PR TRP FCh - Litter #5

Scarlet - FC HH Cali's Sweet Southern Moon MC

Crescent - FC Cali's Lotus Moon SC - Litter #8


Up and Coming

Downie - Cali's Ahead By A Century - Litter #7

Kale - Cali's Super Moon - Litter #8

Best Friends

Hendrix - Cali's Red House On Hound Hill - Litter #2

Blur - Cali's A Wrinkle In Time BCAT - Litter #4


Forever Remembered

Spirit - MBIF NAOM NFC DC Cali N TNTs Spirit of the Wild of Nitro LCX6 MC FCh ROMX

Morgan - GCH DC Ableaim Morgan Le Fay MC RN CGC

Blondie - FC Cali's Blonde Ambition MC PR DJ TRP - Litter #1

Mystic - FC Velocity TNT & Cali's Reason To Believe MC FCh

Cali - Ableaim Mamas Pistol MC

Tyler - Ableaim I'M In A Hurry MC

Extended Family

Co-Owned with Cali whippets

Retired Champions

Fox - MBIF UKC-CH FC Cali Spirit of Red Vixen at Crossfyre FCh SC RATI BCAT CGC - Litter #2

Ronan - GCH Cali's Ronan the Red of Saturn MC ARX DPCX TRP PR4 RN ACT1 TKN FCh CGC - Litter #3


Aubrey - CH Cali's Northern Lights ARX SC DPCX TRP PR DJ- Litter #5

Bowie - FC Cali's HH Moonage Daydream SC - Litter #6

Greer - FC Cali's Highway Girl SC - Litter #7

Maverick  - J&R Mariner Dam-The Torpedoes at Cali ARX

Active - but not co-owned

Righty - BIF DC Cali's Right On Red For Hound Hill SC LCM - Litter #2

Max - MBIF FC TNT's Red Son Rising o'Cali MC LCX FCh VFCH - Litter #2

Mercury - TNT's Hermes Swift Foot O'Cali SC BCAT- Litter #3

Lola - Cali's Mountain Magic  SC TRP PR - Litter #5

Pear - Cali's Red Anjou SC TRP TKN CGC PR2 RN - Litter #5

Razz - CH UKC-DGCH SGCH Cali's Razzle Dazzle at Wylie TRP PR TKN - Litter #5

Ruger - FC Cali's Boondocks SC ARX TRP PR2 DJ DS- Litter #5

Sparky - CH Cali's Houndhill Fireworks  - Litter #7

Dirvish - Cali's Houndhill Long Time Running - Litter #7

Jet - CH Cali's Silver Jet at Clarwick FCh DCAT DJ - Litter #7

Ace - UKC-CH AKC-CH Cali's Thunder Moon at AgStone RN SC CGC CGCU PR - Litter #8

Flower - FC Cali's The Flower Moon Knows All My Secrets SC - Litter #8

Elton - Cali's Once in a Blue Moon SC BCAT JC - Litter #8

Not Active - our whippets that have moved to new homes 

Katana - FC Cali's Katana MC - Litter #5

Equinox - Cali's Width of a Circle - Litter #6

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