We have a young adult female that we are considering placing into only the perfect home FOR HER.  Her name is BLUR.

She requires a very specific home, and I will only place her if I find that right home.  While there are more specifics, she needs a home where she is the only dog or will be one of 2 dogs, there are no cats and the new home is willing to modify her environment to deal with only having 3 legs. 

Serious inquires can be made to


Litter #1
Blonde Litter

Morgan and Chevy  (August 22nd, 2011)

Litter #2 
Red Head Litter


Spirit and Tobias  (December 4th, 2012)

Litter #3 
Celestial Litter


Spirit and Raleigh  (July 7th, 2014 )


Litter #4
Literary Litter

Blondie (Morgan and Chevy) and Righty (Spirit and Tobias) - (June 19th, 2017)

Litter #5 
Summer Red Tomato Litter


Elsa (Spirit and Tobias) and Revel - (July 8th, 2018)

Litter #6 
David Bowie Litter


Moon (Spirit and Raleigh) and Herkules

        - (June 16, 2019)

Litter #7 
The Tragically Hip Litter

Elsa (Spirit and Tobias) and Bowie

(Moon and Herkules) - (Born Feb. 1, 2022)

Bowie stack_edited-1.jpg
Litter #8 
The Full Moon Litter

Moon (Spirit and Raleigh) and Leo

(Elsa and Revel)

      - (Born April 28, 2022)

Leo SHOT 4-2021_edited-2.jpg